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Business Model 
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Holocene, Nachhaltige Geschäftsmodellinnovation, Wachstum in Balance mit Natur und Ökosystem

Ecological Goals

Economical Goals

Customer oriented goals

Societal Goals

Business model innovation in balance with nature and society

Our passion is our drive. As responsible entrepreneurs, we build bridges between between ecological, economical, social and customer oriented goals.

We promote sustainability through digital business models and collaboration. We establish agile innovation cultures and create cross-industry ecosystems in order to establish sustainable change and innovations beyond a company's boundaries. 


Helena Most

CEO & Founder

Helena Most

CEO & Founder


"Companies that anchor sustainability and social issues in their business model will shape the future."
Helena Most und Ian Draxten, Holocene

Holocene - Responsible Business Model Innovation, Our drive

Our drive

Passion and Purpose

Holocene stands for "the whole new" and describes the age of stability in which mankind developed, but brought our planet into imbalance. We can and we want to restore that stability so we act now.

Courage and curiosity

We humans don't like to take risks. This shields us against risks, but also against opportunities. Courage means daring to do new things, despite the unknown outcome but with the conviction of doing the right thing for the right cause to change the status quo. We encourage and minimize uncertainties through facts.

Vision and practical experience

As experienced intrapreneurs, we know how difficult it is to start innovation from the inside of an organisation. As the first and independent company for business model innovation that anchors sustainability in business models, we help companies to remain relevant and successful by exploring the new while exploiting the proven.

Our Principals
Sustainability through digitization

Sustainability is promoted through digital transformation. We see great opportunities in digitization and we are tackling the right spots to reinvent business models sustainably.

Individuality and ambidexterity

There is no panacea for business model innovation. That is why we work with our partners to develop tailor-made changes that simultaneously promote the success and values of the core company.

Ecology and economy in symbiosis

Together with our customers, we develop sustainable and profitable products in balance with the planet.

Collaboration and diversity

We aim for the greatest possible impact in our work. To do this, we collaborate and co-create with diverse individuals and organisations because the challenges of the future can only be mastered together.

Holocene - Sustainable Business Model Innovation, Our values and principles






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