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Business Model 
What we do

We at Holocene have made it our priority to integrate sustainability and circular economy as potential for growth and innovation in industrial companies. We establish an entrepreneurial culture of change in companies and enable companies change makers to create a future within the planetary boundaries.

We support companies by creating sustainable, circular and profitable business models and provide our partners with methods and tools to remain relevant and future-proof.

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Sustainable business models

We enable customers to develop digital, sustainable and circular business models in a measurable way with individual and standardised key performance indicators. We provide methods and tools to create sustainable business models that can turn into real corporate ventures.

Sustainable transformation

Innovations usually fail, not because of the technology, but because of the corporate culture. We build know-how for sustainable innovation and change processes as well as structures in your company. We lead systematically through the transformation. The focus is on people, environment and your company's values.

Sustainability strategy & ESG

We create customer-oriented, sustainable strategies, guide our partners path to integrate the UN sustainable development goals (SDG), develop a roadmap to net 0 emissions and support ESG reporting. We ensure that the strategy includes sustainable business potential for future growth.

Circular Economy

Reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture - due to our longterm industrial experience in circular economy we build know-how for circular processes and solutions, individually for your company. We enable you to create circular business models that increase the resilience of your supply chain. 

Co-Creation and Venture Building

Together we co-create and start internal and external responsible corporate start-ups, tailored to your situation. Work with partners on groundbreaking solutions to regenerate our planet. Register here.

"As part of a workshop, Holocene created a space for creativity to develop ideas through which sustainability can find its way into all our processes for us as automators as well as in the cooperation with suppliers, customers and partners. We were surprised how much potential our company offers to act more sustainably on so many levels and about how many different directions there are opportunities with promising goals."

Jasmin Heim, Director Marketing, Bosch Rexroth

Together with you - Step by step to the right results

We give you a roadmap to design sustainable business models and to support you in mastering the transformation to an agile organisation. We work with many methods. One is as simple as clever: listening. We observe, research and focus on the ecological design of the business models.

We evaluate based on sustainability indicators and check business models early using prototypes to test hypothesis with customers and the market. The idea is simple but when it comes to scaling, real winners are defined. With our all encompassing approach, modular tool kit and many years of industrial experience, we support you in shaping the future of your company.

Holocene, Responsible Business Model Innovation, Our Process

6. Scaling

5. Prototyping 

3. Eco-Design

2. Research

4. Evaluation

1. Observation

Holocene, Responsible Business Model Innovation, New paths with our partners
We break new ground with our partners in the market

- Hands-on sustainable innovation with impact
- Partnership at eye level
- Independent and transparent
- Fact-based and scientific
- Sustainable and regenerative

"The Holocene team managed to inspire in the workshop with excellent input and practical examples and to stimulate the development of ideas through sustainable business models. We generated and prioritized more ideas than we ever expected - in a short time and with high quality. This serves as the basis for our successful sustainable transformation."

Gerald Baumgartner, Head of Sustainability, Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich

Our clients and partners

Would you like to be well positioned for the future? Interested in an inspiring keynote? Contact us.
We look forward to meeting you.

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