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paradigm change. Don't let the paradigm change you.

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Business Model 
We are the Strategy, Innovation and Transformation agency for sustainable business models.

Holocene challenges the status quo by reinventing business models responsibly together with our partners: customer-centric, ecological, economical and social.


With business model innovations that promote digitalization, sustainability and the circular economy, Holocene guides you through the transformation.

Helena Most und Ian Draxten, Holocene UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Success and growth
of one turn into success and growth of many.

Holocene, Verantwortungsbewusste Geschäftsmodell-Innovation, Prozess

4. Evaluation

2. Research

3. Eco-Design

5. Prototyping 

6. Scaling

1. Observation

Our Services -
Roadmap to recurring success

We encourage change, create innovation cultures and co-create sustainable, digital and circular business models together with our customers. We give you a roadmap to master the transformation step by step.


With our modular toolkit, we systematically develop business models that shape the future in a measurable way. We evaluate business models based on individual as well as standard key performance indicators, so you are ready to master the future of your organisation.

Was unsere Kunden
über uns sagen

"Die Vorgehens- und Denkweisen sind für die produzierende Industrie neu. Das Denken und Handeln von Konsumenten und Produzenten muss aufgebrochen werden. Holocene versteht es jedoch, uns auf diese notwendige neue Reise mitzunehmen und befähigt mit den richtigen Werkzeugen, Methoden und Mindset sowie einem ganzheitlichen Ansatz."
Steven Mann, Inhaber MA2N Technology GmbH

Holocene, Nachhaltige Geschäftsmodellinnovation, Wachstum in Balance mit Natur und Ökosystem

Ecological Goals

Economical Goals

Customer oriented goals

Societal Goals

We stand for growth in balance with nature and ecosystems

Our passion is our drive. As responsible innovators, we build bridges between between innovation and sustainability and we stand for extraordinary customer experiences.

We promote sustainability through digital business models and collaboration. We establish agile innovation cultures and create cross-industry ecosystems in order to establish sustainable change and innovations beyond a company's boundaries.

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